Oxford University Philharmonia donate their programme collection each term to a charity nominated by members of the Orchestra.

Recent Charities

Musicians Benevolant Fund

The Musicians Benevolent Fund helps musicians of all ages and genres in a variety of ways. It helps professional musicians when a crisis such as an accident or illness hits during their working lives, and it helps with the challenges that disability or growing older can bring. The Fund recognises that the life of a professional musician begins early, and supports talented students to enable them to fully develop their creativity and musical potential.
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Nightingales Children’s Project

The Nightingales Children’s Project is a small charity fighting for equality for the under privileged children of Cernavoda, Romania. It provides a home for HIV positive, previously institutionalised young adults with learning difficulties as well as a school for the many children who, due to poverty or learning disabilities, are unable to benefit from state education, giving them a chance at least to learn to read and write and the possibility to gain a recognised school diploma in order to enter into state higher education. The Tereza Community Centre in Cernavoda is also supported by the charity to occupy, integrate and educate the youth of Cernavoda through recreation. For more information visit: | OU Orchestra | OU Philharmonia | OU Sinfonietta | OU Chorus | OU Wind Orchestra | OU String Ensemble | OU Brass Band | OU Jazz Orchestra | OUCMS